Fuel for Speed: ULTRASLIDE Slideboard for Skiing & Ice-Based Training

Marc Digesti,
Founder of PerformancEDU Training Facility

Marc Digesti, former U.S. Disabled Ski Team Strength Coach and Director of Performance of PerformancEDU Training Facility utilizes the ULTRASLIDE Slideboard for multiple diversified training programs in his in Tahoe, NV facility. Recently Marc shared his perspective on why the ULTRASLIDE is so effective for his skiers, elite athletes and more.

U: What is your experience with skiing?

M: I grew up in the Tahoe area ski racing until high school. After playing baseball in college and graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology, I was hired as the Strength Coach for the U.S. Disabled Ski Team. In this role, I traveled, designed and implemented training methods for our athletes including testing protocols.

U: What are the most important training objectives for skiers in general?

M: The most important training objective is to get ski athletes powerful while not limiting their mobility and stability movement patterns. They need to be solid and strong but flexible to anticipate the changes in direction and terrain.

U: What are the most challenging training aspects for skiers?

M: The most challenging aspects of training skiers is their rigorous in-season travel schedule. We have to create a very objective periodization for their off-season dry land training. More importantly we have to create a program for their in-season maintenance. The ULTRASLIDE has been a perfect fit for meeting these needs given that it provides 24-7 access to a training mechanism and is versatile in function to support a variety of training needs. This one tool can address the needs of many.

U: Having incorporated the ULTRASLIDE Slideboard into your training and conditioning, do you find that it supports conditioning in one central area or multiple area(s)?

M: The ULTRASLIDE is a training tool we use for many areas of our training. It’s not just great for our metabolic systems with interval work and lateral sliding; we incorporate it into all of our upper and lower body mobility/stability movements and torso stability patterns (for the core).

U: What differences in performance did you notice after you began using the ULTRASLIDE in a more targeted way?

M: Based upon periodizing programs with and without loads on the upper body (using weight vests and med balls), our skiers were able to hold their turns with more power and stability.

U: Why do you think the ULTRASLIDE is most effective for skiers?

M: The ULTRASLIDE is the best training tool that mimics the lateral demands placed on the body while skiing. The slideboard bumpers are sturdy and allow the athlete to achieve speed and access the same force they leverage in competition. The bumpers really force the athlete to load their inside hip during the push-off which directly translates to loading the inside hip while initiating the turn in the true competitive environment.

U: What is your go-to exercise or routine when utilizing the ULTRASLIDE?

M: At PerformancEDU, one of our go to movements with the ULTRASLIDE are reverse loaded lunges. You get the best of both worlds for great single leg strength and upper body stability.