What Is Performance EDU's Athlete Development Program?

Hailey Duke

Athlete development is essential to optimizing sports performance. An athlete at any age is required to move with coordinated agility, strength, and speed. In order to perform at a high level, it is vital that the athlete’s body not only can be agile, strong, and fast, but it must function in a healthy, balanced, and symmetric way. Muscle imbalances, poor stabilization, and poor core control are the leading causes of athletic injury. Performance EDU starts our athlete development at the ground level and build them up at all ages. 

Phase 1: We develop a foundation of proper muscular recruitment, mobility/stability in the ankle, knee, and hip complex; strength and stability through the entire core system; and proper movement and stability at the shoulder complex.  If your athlete doesn’t have a good foundation, they are primed for injury.

Phase 2: Integration of stability work and coordinated athletic development. Here we incorporate improving strength, power, and explosiveness. The important part of this phase is our attention to the athletes. We are determined to improve our athletes, not break them down. Our program is designed to not only optimize athletic ability, but to also optimize movement and recovery. A healthy recovered athlete is the best athlete out there. 

In Season Recovery: Special attention needs to be paid to the development and recovery of an athlete in season. We make several alterations to our program for in season athletes. Mainly we focus on training stability in areas of overuse, balance and corrective movements, and deloaded strength. Recovery is our number 1 goal. If your athlete is tired, they won’t perform. We want our athletes to be peaking in their performance.

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