Fat Loss: The Real Deal

We have talked about calories, strength vs cardio, and HIIT training. I am sure your nutritionist has locked down the keys to nutritional success. So let’s just clarify some fat loss details to put you on the right path.

  1. You cannot just lose fat. Anytime you burn stored energy, it will always be a combination of carbs, fat, and muscle. How much of each will depend on genetics, nutrition, training, and recovery. However, this should not be your focus unless you are trying to compete on a bodybuilding stage. If you know you are overweight, or just want to lose a few pounds, focus on getting the numbers, all the numbers moving in the down direction.

  2. Incorporate some kind of resistance training. If your nutrition is going well, resistance training will help you preserve muscle or even grow more. And as we talked about before, muscle helps you burn more calories.

  3. Move every day. Just because you need rest, doesn’t mean you should lay on your couch all day. Movement, even walking or a light bike ride helps facilitate recovery and can help your results.

  4. Having said #3, remember that we are human and need to forgive ourselves. I can’t tell you how many clients have tried to quit on me because they keep missing days of movement and feel like giving up. Look, do what you can, then evaluate and see if you are actually capable of more. Then do a little more. But always keep going. More results came from consistent moderate effort than a short period of higher intensity and then nothing. **Don’t try to relate this to HIIT training’s definition. I’m talking about a long term lifestyle change!

  5. Buddy system. Find a friend, family member, or group that you can rely on to support you and motivate you when you struggle. There is no judgment here, only support. You can keep going.

  6. Start again right now and leave the past in the past. Don’t wait till Monday to get back on track. Everyday matters in life and health. If you slipped this morning, get back on track at lunch. If you slipped yesterday, get back on track today.

  7. If you feel like getting absolutely shredded, then get under 10% body fat first, consult with a specialist in bodybuilding to go through the misery of getting down to that single digit world. But until you get there, stay the course.

  8. Have some fun. If you hate every step, then you are destined to fail. Find some joy in the process, find healthy foods you like, and find exercises that you enjoy!

This is a journey. Ups and downs are normal. So remember, carousels are boring and roller coasters are rad. Enjoy the ride.

Ryan Golec | Director of Education and Movement

Marc DigestiComment