Healthy Movement At Any Age


Performance | EDU is a place where movement happens. You see, with life, we constantly create patterns of poor movement, restricted movement, painful movement, imbalanced movement, and overall inefficient movement. We can improve athlete’s movement, and they perform better. But we think that the real damage is done through years of desk jobs and car rides, years of overstressed and under mobilized tissue, and years of repetitive movement in poor positions. By age 50, most people have been living with some sort of chronic pain for years. For those without too much chronic pain, there are often acute symptoms that pop up with very little stress. The truth is that our body is designed to move. I saw a video where a doctor described the “fuzz” that accumulated in and around muscle tissue. When we move, the fuzz is broken down, but as we restrict movement over time, the “fuzz” compounds and sticks those muscles in restricted positions. Restricted muscles move poorly and often create pain. So there you are, active adult or not, living with discomfort…. Welcome to the Performance EDU system.

At Performance | EDU, we have progressive proven patterns of mobility and exercise to get you moving better, feeling better, and looking better. First, we assess the client through a series of movement tests. We see how you move, where you can’t move, and how you compensate for that. Included in that, is looking at previous injuries and if you compensate movements because of it. Second, we educate the client on the assessment and develop their mobility program to get them moving with efficiency again. Along with a well structured mobility program, we create a phase 1 strength and conditioning program to target imbalances, weakness, and instability. This is often very different from a traditional strength training program. We will isolate weakness, stabilize joints, then integrate movements into basic primal movement patterns (push, pull, bend, twist, lunge, squat, and gait). This is the basis of functional training. although functional training has been the big buzz word in fitness lately, it has been scued to be anything that isn’t in a machine. So, for our purposes, we will call the Performance EDU system Structural Integrated Movement training.

Performance | EDU doesn’t stop at the movement and exercise program. We make it our mission to educate our clients and the community on why. Why we should move a certain way, why we prepare for exercise a certain way, why we should eat and rest a certain way, why too much or too intense exercise can set you back or limit results, why movement is so much more important than absolute strength, why stretching shouldn’t be overlooked, and many more. The most important part of movement, in truly understanding your own body and how it works. As we get older, we lose touch with the body and forget what we are capable of. We have potential at any age… Performance | EDU wants to bring it out!