3 Table Sessions + Month of Group

3 Table Sessions + Month of Group

189.00 every month

A total body program for all levels. This is a 4 week program each month revolving around 4 structured 60-minute workouts a week. The first 3 workouts revolve around 3 aspects of fitness: Strength, Core/Muscular Endurance, and Metabolic Conditioning. These classes are designed to target all muscles and all planes of movement. They especially focus on generalized movement weaknesses. The 4th workout is a wild card that is designed to increase aerobic stamina, flush out soreness, and build group camaraderie. Each workout includes a dynamic warm-up to prep the body for all movements and concludes with a structured stretch and mobility section to help the body move better, safer, and more efficiently. The program format changes each month to keep the body from adapting and hitting a plateau. Every workout can be advanced or regressed to each person’s level. Our coaches make sure that movements are performed correctly and safely making it fun and safe for anyone!

You will receive 3 table session (6-30 minutes) for the month. You will have to utilize with in a 45 day period.

Your card is on a subscription basis, so please let us know within 30 days if you want to cancel.

Thank you!

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