Marc H. Digesti | Founder

"I help average Joes and Janes, athletes and executives reactivate themselves physically and mentally, by getting them back on track after years of building their craft— but at the same time, not letting their health, lifestyle, and mindset become compromised.”

Marc Digesti has been in the strength and conditioning industry and personal training industry for more than 13 years.  During his time in the industry, he has been the performance coach for these top-tier organizations: United States Disabled Ski Team, Olympic Training Center, 2-top 10 personal trainers facilities in the US, Athletes Performance/Core Performance, and a Consultant for: Team Babur Race Team, Northstar Ski Instructors, Reno PD, NASTC Tahoe, Spanish Springs Football, Independent Ski Racing Team, Wellgate Project Redding, and Motivate U-Hometown Health.

"My objectives for Performance EDU Fitness are to bring the same techniques, culture, attitude, service, methods, philosophy and Coaching used to maximize performance amongst the top performing athletes in the world"

Marc works as a consultant to many high performers and companies- offering insights and strategies to improve performance and improve their life.

Marc has formulated progressive programs and strategies to improve mobility, increase stability, increase speed-strength-power ration’s and improve body composition for maximal performance.

"My goal with everything we do at Performance EDU is to expand the category of performance; focusing on methods to enhance performance, goals, and outcomes. With training, there are guaranteed results. Be accountable to the process" - Marc Digesti

Marc’s passion and energy for his brand are contagious, but he is more passionate about his people.  Marc is known for his attention to detail on the day to day operations, his program design, his coaching and his staff.  Marc’s favorite quote is “inspire greatness in others”.


Ryan Golec | Director of Movement Enhancement

Ryan has been in the fitness business for 20 years. From the beginning he had a passion to see people move and feel better. After finishing his degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, he begin to pursue his path in health. He spent 2 years working in a physical therapy clinic before deciding to pursue the idea of preventative health. He wanted to get people strong and healthy so they wouldn’t need therapy. Ryan also has a passion for knowledge. He obtained a certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. His education continued by completing the first 3 levels of the CHEK institute. The design of the CHEK Institute is to be able to evaluate, correct, and develop a functional body through well coached movement, lifestyle changes, and and hands on corrective work. To open himself to more hands on work, Ryan obtained his massage license. Now he works with clients of all ages and goals. He is also certified through RockTape and Animal Flow. Ryan creates fundamental programs designed around improving existing dysfunction, establishing strong foundational movement, and progressing to specialized programs to meet each client’s needs.


Rachel Koester | Performance Coach

Before Rachel made the gym her second home, she grew up in Las Vegas playing competitive club (soccer) and varsity soccer. She received a full-ride scholarship to play at Treasure Valley Jr. College in Ontario, Oregon. After completing her AA degree, Rachel came to Reno continueing her soccer career at UNR and playing on the UNR Women’s Rugby Club for 2 years. 

It was during the rugby off-season where she learned to train and create strength & conditioning programs, which lead to her passion for the gym, health, and fitness. After completing a B.A. in Secondary Education & History, Rachel pursued becoming a certified personal trainer through NASM. Rachel has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2010, certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), and TRX Level 2 Qualified trainer.




Dale is a Marine Corps veteran who started his fitness career running the combat fitness regimen for his infantry platoon for 3 years. Dale is certified personal trainer through NASM, and certified USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance. Dale is currently nationally ranked 14th Olympic-style weightlifter.

Dale’s passion for keeping all clients’ pain free through avenues of programming and one on one coaching has inspired Dale to further this career in Physical Therapy.

When Dale is not coaching or weightlifting his time is dedicated to his amazing dog Blue.