performance edu personal training

60 MINUTES $80 per hour-(package deals given upon request)

This is the most detailed and individualized program available. Based on the client's’ assessment session, each training session will be directed towards reaching their goals. Every training day, the client will be evaluated for physical and mental readiness, and then programed appropriately.

These sessions include:

  • Hands On Assisted Stretching And Mobility Work

  • Motivated Drive Throughout The Session

  • Continuous Coaching Throughout Movements & Exercises

This is the recommended option for new clients with existing chronic pain and injuries, or enjoy the personal 1 on 1 attention.


shared training at performance edu fitness

60 MINUTES $45-(package deals given upon request)

The Shared Program is a semi-private training program for clients that are interested in individually designed programs at an affordable cost. Clients will do a personal assessment and goal session. After that session, they will be placed in an available hour with up to 3 other individuals. Each client will have a scientifically designed program based on their assessment and goals. Clients will be coached through their individual programs. Coaching is to emphasize correct form, motivate, spot heavy movements, and answer any questions. Clients are often motivated by the energy of the other clients training in that hour as well. Its structured, personalized, social and fun!


group training at performance edu fitness

A total body program for all levels. This is a 4 week program each month revolving around 4 structured 60-minute workouts a week. The first 3 workouts revolve around 3 aspects of fitness: Strength, Core/Muscular Endurance, and Metabolic Conditioning. These classes are designed to target all muscles and all planes of movement. They especially focus on generalized movement weaknesses. The 4th workout is a wild card that is designed to increase aerobic stamina, flush out soreness, and build group camaraderie. Each workout includes a dynamic warm-up to prep the body for all movements and concludes with a structured stretch and mobility section to help the body move better, safer, and more efficiently. The program format changes each month to keep the body from adapting and hitting a plateau. Every workout can be advanced or regressed to each person’s level. Our coaches make sure that movements are performed correctly and safely making it fun and safe for anyone!

$159 per month



Custom Board Programming

This is our most affordable way to receive custom workouts. After your assessment, we develop a program to address any identified dysfunctions, and program to suit your needs and goals. This is a program where you can come in during the day to perform at your convenience. Your progress will be assessed each month and appropriate program changes will be made. Roaming floor coaches are available to answer questions on your program or assist with coaching movements

$259 per month



Are you tired of looking for a training program that fits into your schedule? All the while without having any luck. The U-Fit Program allows you to train when the time is right for you. No more waiting for the perfect class time to open up. How it works: You sign up for the time slot that works for you, come in up to three days per week, and go through a programmed workout expertly designed by our team of personal trainers. You’ll have access to all the top equipment to fit your workout needs.

$159 per month