Primal Eats!! STICKY

Hey Everyone! I decided to take pics of some of my eats from yesterday – so you could see some of what we’ve been eating!! I didn’t include my snacks and wasn’t particularly hungry yesterday – so the eats are pretty basic haha! But I really enjoy eating this way and feel really good!! For
Hi Everyone! You may have noticed on our Facebook page that we have decided to do the Primal Challenge!! And here we are at Day 2 of the “21 Day Primal Challenge” and I am already feeling better. The main difference that I have felt so far (even though it is so early into the
Image source: Do you think maintaining your health and weight is all about calories in versus calories out – regardless of quality? PerformancEDU believes it’s more about QUALITY in versus quality out. You can eat a whole lot of calorie free “food” and still be unhealthy and overweight/underweight. Check the ingredients of what you’re
Most of us know that NUTRITION is an important aspect of achieving and maintaining a healthy body. But all the information available is confusing, and often it’s conflicting! You can keep things really simple, make small changes in your diet, and still make MAJOR improvements in your health. You don’t have to count calories. You
Today I want to talk about “Food” and “Pleasure”. Do those 2 words belong together??? If you live in America, your first response might be “No – we should ‘Eat to Live’”. Right?? Hmmm, well as much as I believe in feeding your body wholesome foods, there is something about the whole “Eating just to
Happy Thursday Y’all! So – I got a question from a reader the other day and she asked: “What’s the best decision for someone who doesn’t have celiac disease: whole wheat or gluten-free? And why?” That is a GREAT question and I’m sure there are many others out there who are wondering what all this
When starting the primal challenge, or any other new way of eating/living, much of the information that you have previously thought of as “fact” will likely get challenged. Take for example, the recommendation of increasing your “healthy fats.” HEALTHY fats??? Isn’t fat BAD for you?? Turns out, not so much. Your body actually NEEDS fat
If you are here, reading this, you might be as confused as I once was in regards to health and nutrition. There is so much “information” out there and so many people telling us what we need to eat and what we need to do in order to be fit, healthy, and happy. Most of
Great recipe for fresh and simple pancakes, the primal way. The ingredients will cook 4 cakes: 2 eggs beaten first 2 table spoons of almond butter 1 table spoon of vanilla 2 table spoons of agave After finished cooking, sprinkle with powder sugar, organic butter and use agave as syrup. MMMMMMMMMMM Marc Digesti USAW Founder of