Hi Everyone! Today I just wanted to write a quick blog and elaborate on what I said in yesterday’s post about not having my typical cravings for sweets or overeating. Prior to doing the full-blown challenge – we had eaten a “Primal-ly based” diet … but by no means was it full-blown primal. Like I
So here we are on the Primal Challenge – Day 5. Energetically I am feeling MUCH better!! I also feel better mentally (less anxious). My cravings for sweets and overeating in general have gone away! It’s really quite awesome and leads me to believe that many of my “bad” eating habits could be attributed to

Primal Eats!! STICKY

Hey Everyone! I decided to take pics of some of my eats from yesterday – so you could see some of what we’ve been eating!! I didn’t include my snacks and wasn’t particularly hungry yesterday – so the eats are pretty basic haha! But I really enjoy eating this way and feel really good!! For
What does it mean to live a certain “lifestyle”? You know…you hear it all the time: “It’s not a diet, it’s lifestyle.” But what does that mean?? Essentially there are MANY different lifestyles that you can choose to live, and the only thing that makes it “right” is if it works for YOU! So what
Well – we are starting the juice cleanse tomorrow (you can read our other posts about the juice cleanse here and here)!! Just got back from the grocery store and I have to admit I almost had a mental breakdown (I tend to get a little over-dramatic sometimes – just ask Marc haha). Really –
Lately I have been feeling a bit “off”. Have you ever had that feeling? Not necessarily “bad”…but not necessarily “great” either. When I wake up in the morning, I still feel tired (despite sleeping for 9 or more hours). I have brain fog. Joint pain. Headaches. Stomach aches. Tension. Emotional clutter. All of this takes
Happy Thursday Y’all! So – I got a question from a reader the other day and she asked: “What’s the best decision for someone who doesn’t have celiac disease: whole wheat or gluten-free? And why?” That is a GREAT question and I’m sure there are many others out there who are wondering what all this
Hello! I hope your weekends are off to a great start! Today, let’s talk about cravings. Yes, cravings. I’m pretty sure that if you’re a human being, you can relate to that gnawing, can’t wait, need “this food” NOW type feeling. Part of the glory of the Primal Challenge, is that it eliminates many of the
If you are here, reading this, you might be as confused as I once was in regards to health and nutrition. There is so much “information” out there and so many people telling us what we need to eat and what we need to do in order to be fit, healthy, and happy. Most of
6 months ago, Jenny (yah nutrition) and I moved to Northern Nevada from Santa Monica and the first night a good friend of mine Johnno Lazetich caught wind I was back in Reno full time.  Johnno and I have had many discussions based off of movement, strength training and nutrition.  His question presented was an
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