So we decided to break the juice cleanse after 3 days! Wow – what an experience! The “perfectionist” part of myself is disappointed that we didn’t go the full 5 days (even though I said it was only going to be 3-5 days haha), but when I put her aside – I was actually pretty
Well – we are starting the juice cleanse tomorrow (you can read our other posts about the juice cleanse here and here)!! Just got back from the grocery store and I have to admit I almost had a mental breakdown (I tend to get a little over-dramatic sometimes – just ask Marc haha). Really –
So yesterday was my first official day without coffee! Woot Woot! For those of you that haven’t been following, we have decided to start a juice cleanse on Monday and part of the “prep work” is weaning ourselves from caffeine. You can check out yesterday’s post about the juice cleanse here. Here’s a little “re-cap”
So if you didn’t read our post yesterday, I mentioned that I was considering doing a juice cleanse! WHY? Well you can read the post – but long story short is – I’m just not feeling great, and I KNOW I can feel better. SO – after discussing my feelings with Marc, we both decided that