Tips for “cleansing” without “juice cleansing”

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Well – we are starting the juice cleanse tomorrow (you can read our other posts about the juice cleanse here and here)!! Just got back from the grocery store and I have to admit I almost had a mental breakdown (I tend to get a little over-dramatic sometimes – just ask Marc haha). Really – it wasn’t that bad. I have never “juiced” before so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of buying all the produce. But we only spent $40, already made a juice today (which, I might add, is DELICIOUS!), and we have TON left over. Needless to say, I am super excited! I realize it will take some “effort” and will have its challenges, but I am ready!!  I am hoping to blog each day to share my experience with you all! We’ve also had a few friends express interest in joining us on the juice cleanse – which is awesome!! But, some friends have expressed interest….but also felt that it wasn’t right for them. That’s awesome too!! Knowing yourself and what YOU are ready for, is one of the most important steps towards happiness and reaching your goals! With that in mind, I felt inspired to share a few other ways to “cleanse” without going as extreme as a juice cleanse. (and just as a side note…if a juice cleanse FEELS extreme to you…it’s probably a good sign that it’s not “right” for you at this time – which is perfectly OK!). To me…a “cleanse” is really just a buzz word for giving your body a little extra “love”. I don’t see it as deprivation. Or trying to “get skinny”. Or “punishment” for eating the cookies (haha). I see it as a treat for my body – the same body that sticks with me through thick and thin and keeps on functioning no matter what! WOW!! SO – as a thank you to my body – I feel inspired to do a juice cleanse. BUT – there are SOOOOO many other ways in which you can give your body a little extra love!

1)     If you are a soda or alcohol drinker (mmmm…margaritas), you can take a break for a week (or longer!) and add water instead!

2)     If you eat fast food a lot, try packing your lunch (hello Big Ass Salad!) for a week or so!

3)     Caffeine junky??? Try Yerba mate for a while! Maybe, eventually, you can add some warm lemon water or a green juice! Yum!

4)     Inactive? Challenge yourself to MOVE your body in some way shape or form EVERY DAY – for a week!

5)     Stressed?? Book that massage or spa appointment. Take a yoga class. Try some deep breathing. MOVE your body!! Get the stresses out – your body will LOVE you for it!

6)     Sleep deprived?? Well not much I can say except – get some sleep! (many of the above mentioned suggestions will help for insomnia). Lavender and chamomile tea can help too. Also there are many herbal remedies that are beneficial as well.

7)     Last but not least – appreciate your body for all it does! Seriously – think about all the abuse your body takes (physically and emotionally!) and keeps on functioning. It’s pretty amazing!! Appreciating your body doesn’t mean you “like” the condition that your body is in right now (and we ALL have our “likes” and “dislikes” in ourselves and others – it’s totally normal and ok!)…it just means you appreciate it for being there for you – which will make reaching your goals that much easier in the process J Try it!!

There are SO many other ways in which you can give your body that extra love. What are some suggestions YOU can think of???

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