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So if you didn’t read our post yesterday, I mentioned that I was considering doing a juice cleanse! WHY? Well you can read the post – but long story short is – I’m just not feeling great, and I KNOW I can feel better. SO – after discussing my feelings with Marc, we both decided that a cleanse (3-5 days long) is DEFINITELY in order! I’m super excited and also a bit scared – haha! It will be a good challenge, both mentally and physically, and I plan to blog about my experience. Now before I share the “game plan” let me first just say that I am NOT a doctor or licensed healthcare professional. If you have any concerns about your health and feel you should NOT partake in a cleanse, then PLEASE don’t! I am not recommending this for anyone – it’s just something that I am choosing to do for ME. OK! Now that we got that out of the way…let’s get into the details:

First things first, we are weaning ourselves from caffeine. Some of you may know from experience that a daily coffee habit can lead to nasty withdrawal symptoms if you don’t get your cup-o-joe in the morning. I’m not knocking coffee at all – in fact I LOVE coffee. I just feel I need to give my body a little break and if I stop cold turkey – I will regret it! So how are we weaning? Marc is decreasing the size of his coffees (for example, today he got a grande, instead of a venti. Maybe tomorrow he will get a tall? Or maybe some tea?) As for me, well yesterday I had a smaller cup of coffee than usual. And today, I am trying Yerba Mate (actually, I am enjoying a cup as I write this!) Yerba mate is a tea that has a really nice flavor, helps with mental clarity, only has 1/3 the amount of caffeine as coffee, and doesn’t cause the jitters. I will let you know how it goes – but I like it so far!! I’ve known about Yerba mate for a while, but really got excited to try it from HealthyCrush.com (check out this girl’s blog – it’s amazing and she talks about juice cleansing too – in fact, she shares a whole bunch of juice recipes on her blog…awesome!)

In addition to weaning from caffeine, I am also “cleaning up” my diet a bit from now until we start. Now, most of you that know us, know that we are already pretty conscious of the way we eat. We stay away from gluten. Limit grains/starches, sugar and dairy. Work out daily. It’s all pretty good! With that in mind, we still allow ourselves to eat certain foods/drinks just for the fun of it (hello Cadbury eggs … coconut macaroons…margaritas!!!!) Suffice it to say – I am going to avoid those prior to our cleanse. The reason behind this is that the less “crap” you have in your body, the loss “detox” symptoms you will likely feel, and vice versa. So if you jump into a juice cleanse straight from the Standard American Diet (SAD) – you might find the cleanse overwhelming (or maybe even horrible!) So I’m trying to ease myself into it. And just as a side note – if you DO begin this cleanse and find that it IS overwhelming and you feel like you’re battling to get through it and like it’s stressing you out, then PLEASE do what you need to do. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t complete the cleanse like you had planned. Maybe you just weren’t ready yet – which is FINE!! LISTEN TO YOUR BODIES and do what is best for YOU! I have attempted to do cleanses in the past and backed out at the last minute because I just wasn’t ready! This has been the only time that I feel really excited to do it and not like I am “forcing” myself to do it. I try not to “force” myself to do anything (because it’s abuse!!)

This brings me to – what the heck are we actually going to do?! After some serious thought (ok this is not THAT serious – haha) we have decided to do a juice/smoothie combo cleanse. The main difference between juicing and blending (from what I know) is the ease of digestion. BOTH are extremely good for the body and BOTH are easier on the body to digest than solid food. HOWEVER, JUICES are even easier to digest than smoothies, because the pulp of the fruits and veggies are extracted. So your body doesn’t have to do a whole lot in terms of assimilating the nutrients from the juice. I plan on doing mostly juices and if I get really hungry add in a smoothie. Or even add in a soup (made from vegetable puree). And, like I always encourage you all to do, I am going to listen to my body and do what feels best.

If you are considering doing the cleanse with us…you will need to do a little prep work. You have to get a juicer or a blender (or both). You have to find some recipes (we will be using these recipes!). You will have to stock up on the fruits and veggies. And you will have to prepare the juices each day. There is some effort involved, but for me – it’s worth it. There are some companies that prepare fresh juices and have them delivered to your home – which would be great if time/convenience is a factor – however it is a bit expensive (HealthyCrush mentioned a few of these companies – like this one …or this one …or this one  –  if you’re interested). Oh yeah! And in terms of how much juice to drink…..well I am going to play it by ear. At first I was trying to find instructions that spelled out exactly what to do, but (again) I am going to listen to my body. I am going to drink the juices/smoothies whenever I am hungry. Drink lots of water. Take notice of the thoughts and feelings I have. And move my body in ways that feel appropriate. And of course – I will share with you all!!!

Ok! That was a lot for now! If you have any questions – please feel free to ask! We would LOVE to hear from you!!

Until next time…

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